Well, I got Sonic Colors for the Wii for Christmas today, so here I'm gonna rate how I personally feel about the Wisp powers in the game. Pretty straightfoward really:

  • Cyan Wisp - Very interesting and very fun power! Can be troublesome at certain angles though. Regardless, I wish I could use it more.
  • Yellow Wisp - Equally fun, with surprisingly good control. The constant enemies showing up to attack are annoying though. Still fun though, and offers plenty replayability/exploration to the point of almost being overwhelming.
  • Purple/Nega Wisp - Haven't quite gotten a chance to use it much, but it's fun to decimate your surroundings and grow to massive proportions. Wish it was easier to control though.
  • Blue Wisp - Pretty simple, but it can be surprisingly useful AND destructive.
  • Orange Wisp - Straightfoward and simple, not much to it as far as I'm concerned. Just make sure you aren't under any platforms, or it'll be a waste.
  • Green Wisp - More like a balloon than a hovercraft. The "lightspeed dash" also occasionally isn't so useful. Decent for getting around though.
  • Pink Wisp - It's nice in concept, but a real pain to try and control properly while scaling along cielings. Nice to see the spindash in use though.

Welp, that's all there is to it. Agree or disagree as you see fit.