Since I joined, I've been reading many Archies to make up for what I missed.

I did crate my own fan fic and I hope it turns out well. It is supposed to be set a few months after the events of Sonic Generations, and like all fanfics, it is merely apocrypha.

I hope it turns out well, and you are free to suggest what I can to do to modify the story.


The story still needs a good title, so if you have any suggestions please comment and rate Chapter 1.

I recommend this story for fans ages 11+.




OCTOBER 17, 2012

[Nice cool day at a park, Shadow is alone, sitting on a bench, relaxing]

Shadow: ...Maria... if you could only see this...

[Shadow looks at the quiet park and smirks weakly. A couple of kids are playing, and people are conversing]

Shadow: Why couldn’t the world just be like this, bright and accepting... too bad this world is full of s***. If there’s only a way to clean up the remainder of the world’s problems, I guess your wish will be fulfilled.

[Shadow looks at his smartphone*. It’s 12:05]


Shadow: I guess it is time to see when my next mission is coming up.

* * *

12:10 PM GUN Office

[Shadow stands in front of a GUN Office. He’s about to enter when he feels a strange presence]

Shadow: What the hell? Why do I feel a strong presence of Chaos energy?

[He looks around, and spots a van sitting nearby, the weird sensation gets more intense]

Shadow: So, this is where it’s coming from. What the hell? I better take a closer look.

[Shadow walks toward the van and sees the driver. The driver mouths out two words.]


Driver: Chaos Control.

[Time starts to slow down. The air starts to feel like a thick syrup.]

Shadow: Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh-

[The van driver presses a button]


[Glass around the area shatters slowly]

[The van emits a flash of light. The top of the van gets blasted off and debris and shrapnel starts to rise from the blown off top]

[The blacktop near the van breaks off and starts to levitate in the air]

[The driver is engulfed in flames and blackened debris]

[The flame and the debris starts to spread, burning through objects, and nearby pedestrians. Blast wave forms, and throws everything outward]

[Time goes back to normal]


[Shadow gets knocked off and gets blown backward toward a wall]


[Shadow hits his head and gets knocked out. A brown- blackish dust cloud descends and quietly drifts in the air]

*Imagine that it is a iPhone 4

The last scene is influenced by the movie "The Hurt Locker"

Shadow's story will continue in Chapter 2 and currently under development.