So far, I've been interested with all the ideas that came out for the past couple of months. I thought up of a storyline that might be interesting.


-Corrupted gov't agencies (sections of GUN)

-A terrorist campaign that destroys large areas in Station Square. Planted evidence is used to frame the attack on Shadow. Now a fugitive, Shadow has to figure out who is behind the attack while avoiding GUN agents.

-Silver once again finds that the results of the attack ends up screwing his future so he has to try stop the attack (he can't stop it directly because of a time "barrier" (which supposed to theoretically exist in real life physics), which prevents direct change. As a result, Silver has to navigate his way through the barriers to fix up the problem.

-As for Sonic, he saw the all the preparations for the attack unfold without knowing what is really happening. Fearing that the operation will be busted, assassins are dispatched to kill Sonic. Few days later, Sonic was walking in the Green Hill Zone when a sniper shot at him using two bullets. Both miss and one hits a rock nearby, which kicked up debris and slightly wounds Sonic in the head. Realising what is happening, Sonic flees the seen and starts his adventure.

-Eggman is just a mere arms dealer at this time, trying to take a break from his recent defeat. The attack was a result of his deals with the terror group.

-The terror group is mysterious like usual and it's insignia resembles that of the Black Sun (, a real life symbol that can be found in Wewelsberg Castle, Germany (

-Mephiles is a character I like for his evil, but he ends up being infamous for 2006. Let's just say his revival is the result of the Black Sun's experiement to rule under one "god". The organization is aware of the fixed up events in which Solaris is extinguished. They would want to extract the cunning side (Mephiles) without a developing fire that can be extinguished.

These days, a lot of films and books has a lot of conspiracy themed plot. The ones that I draw the inspiration from is:

-The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the planned Sonic scene)

-The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

-The Bourne Trilogy

-Real life (stuff in the news)

I just want something to talk about and I will keep updating this page.

Anybody can participate and give me ideas.