Today I logged in as Kerange (I am making a new account for fan characters) and was horrified to see that Halloween has come early! What has happened to Wikia's layout. I find it hard to use. My Home has been replaced by Wiki Activity and is now a hard-to-see small bar! What happened to the easy-to-see big links. Also the sidebar is gone and is at the top with drop-downs. I think I prefer the old wiki design, which is simpler. As people of SNN we should rise against the evil staff at Wikia to get the old layout back (unless someone changed it to this layout, then we fight him/her)! Who's with me! Please comment who's side your on and let's try to somehow fight it by maybe boycotting Wikia by not editing for two weeks or simply dump Wikia and move to a new host (copy and paste everything on pages, forums like Funny Sonic Comics, blogs like comics ect.).