Warning: Contains spoilers

The villains of the latest Sonic game, Sonic: Lost World. Honestly, I can say I'm impressed.

Maybe I'm not accustomed to waiting for new Sonic games since I first got into the series when all the other existing games were out except Sonic Generations and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II, so the addition of new characters wasn't as big a deal for me. So I was left to wonder what these six new villains would be like, and it is shown to be a 3D game, meaning these new characters will actually have voices and speak.

With these guys, I almost forget this is the same series as the previous games. Each of them has their own unique personality:

  • Zavok - The leader, who comes up with the idea to destroy the world. Despite his menacing appearance, is quite calm most of the time and has a sophisticated voice.
  • Zazz - Aggressive, and is eager to fight before he even knows who he's fighting
  • Zomom - Gluttonous, and expresses desire to eat both Sonic and Eggman, even with a comment about "spines sticking in my throat when I swallow you whole"
  • Master Zik - The wise old man, almost like an evil version of Yoda who talks straight
  • Zeena - The vain one who is distracted doing her nails and finds Sonic to be cute but still wants to kill him
  • Zor - The pessimistic, depressing, overall Emo one

And they're a mix of both humor and dark - the humor comes from some of their antics, like Zomom's gluttony and Zeena's vanity, and Zik saying "I feel like I'm 100 years old again" (as if 100 is a young age), while at the same time, they're the darkest Sonic villains since Mephiles the Dark, seeing as how they want to destroy the world for no apparent reason, and make numerous references to death and genocide. The darkest IMO would have to be Zor, who is so Emo that he enjoys his own misery, with lines like "We're all doomed anyway" and "Only the reaper wins in the end", and could even be suicidal, given his line about "finding comfort in death's cold embrace" before he takes a swan dive into the lava.

EDIT: They do have a reason, their extraction of Earth's energy is to increase their power.

Speaking of death, I know many people might be disappointed that such different and interesting villains as the Deadly Six can't return in another game on account of Sonic killing them all, but honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way with villains as dark as them (compare King Sombra, a villain in a certain show that's more popular than some of you might know). We had a good long run with these villains but they were one-shot villains like Black Doom, Mephiles the Dark, Ifrit, Dark Gaia, and Captain Whisker. Besides, a lot of people hate new characters being introduced so if these guys become recurring characters - and they won't, because they're dead, even if Eggman acts like they aren't when he talks about taking control of them again - it could generate more hate for Tails, the first new character to be introduced after the first game and who many are inclined to blame for the introduction of new characters. (most were satisfied with only Sonic, Eggman Robotnik, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, and Metal Sonic. Speaking of Metal, the lack of reaction to his death astounds me, this is the only time a recurring character is killed onscreen and he can't return in sequels now. But many believe he survived, and some believe this of the Deadly Six as well due to Eggman's line, as well as Zazz's last words so it could be debated for generations to come.

Speaking of Tails, I know this isn't related to the Deadly Six but have his tails ever been established as prehensile before? All we've seen him do with them before this game is use them to fly or, in Sonic Adventure, whip enemies and switches, but in this game he grabs a toothpick in Zomom's sandwich with one of his tails and uses it to reprogram a device.

On a side note - and I mentioned this in their article but someone removed it - the way all the Deadly Six except Zavok and Zazz appear shadowed in their first appearances, much like the Ginyu Force in Dragonball Z (before they arrive on Namek), the Big Five in Yu-Gi-Oh! (before Kaiba's first confrontation with them), and the Witches 5 in Sailor Moon S before it's each's turn to seek Pure Hearts.