• Kjcolson


    May 12, 2012 by Kjcolson

    sonic colors is a game where sonic and tails head to egg man's interstellar amusement park.when they get there sonic finds these aliens (wisps) being kiddnapped by cubot and orbot.after sonic saves them he obsorbs the cyan laser. but tails is too busy watching yacker talk to & trys to comunicate.sonic obsorbs the orange wisps and turns into a rocket.he obdsorbs the green wisps and turns ninto a hovering sonic head.he obsorbs the blue wisps & turns into a cube.he obsorbs the yellow wisps & turns into a drill.there's more wisps you can discover more wisps in both DS & Wii SONIC give you a hint for the finall boss this will happen if all wisps combine together & help sonic....(left)

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