Hey, guys, this is Knowall speaking. I presume some of you have already noticed my absence from the SNN chat and other social interactions around here. Well, the reason is simple: I am currently tangled among schoolwork, my DA stories and social life, so my presence here has become quite limited. I confess I also seized the moment to have a break from the site and move on to my other stuff before this writer's block I was having became permanent.

To each and every one of you, I apologize deeply for not showing up often, and I understand that I am probably failing my duties as a chat mod for not overseeing chat as I should. But just remember, people, I have some other skilled colleagues on board that can put some order around the house better that I could ever do it.

Again, I apologize to you all, but I promise that the moment I come back, I'll keep the chit-chat updated the best I can. Hope you all enjoy the wiki.