This is directed for the "members" of Team Explosive and Team Emerald.

I have made several stories of the characters from both teams meeting with some of my own characters, one in particular being Ryan Weever, one of Shadow's co-developers and the villain I created. The reason is that I have a bigger plan in mind, involving both teams facing Ryan's newest plan for destroying them all, plus Shadow.

The story, already entitled "Meeting of Power", will be like this: both teams are warned of Ryan's location and go there to face him, but his weapon might prove to be a hard challenge to face, even for the teams themselves. I ask for the permission of all "Team members" to go on with the plot and post it as both a blog here on SNN for your comments, and as a deviation at my gallery on DA.

Once again, I thank you all for the colaboration and the permission for the last stories. Hope you enjoy this next one.

List of characters involved:

Team Explosive:

Team Emerald:

My characters:

Official characters: