This blog could be considered Sonic-related, because I need help with my Sonic fan-fic, so I decided to ask you guys about it. I'm currently writing a story, "Knighthood", where one of the main villains is the dark knight Mordred, here played by Mephiles the Dark (get it? because Mordred kills Arthur in the tales?).

Anyway, I wanted to ask all of you Sonic fans if I should punish Mordred and have him killed, or spare him and have him redeeming himself to the Knights of the Round Table. Leave your votes in the comments below.

Some of you might ask me: why don't you just ask this on your DA profile?? Problem is, I did, but it ended up in a tie. Which is why I'm asking you guys on the SNN, now.

NOTE: Voting finished in October 21. Thank you for all who participated.

Absolve: 04
Punish: 09

If you wish to read the story before choosing one of the options, here is a link to my gallery. It's literally the most recent story: [link]