Chris Thorndyke

I made a theory about Chris's fan-hate a few weeks ago, one I gladly showed to "Sonic" for that matter. It goes like this:

"The Sonic franchise is filled with a whole new concept of bio-diversity, you see. What I mean with that, is that it introduces us, the players, to a different universe, where different beings such as (quote-unquote) yourself exist. Introducing new human characters, however, is seen by many people as a bland manuever, because it kinda takes out the atmosphere the games are going for. I mean, we don't get to see antropomorphic blue hedgehogs who break the speed of sound every day, do we? But we DO see humans everyday. Heck, we ARE humans! Introducing humans in a world where a different type of species exist is much like a movie's anti-climax, because it breaks the emotional atmosphere right when you're starting to enjoy it."

Bit I also defended Chris with the following argument:

"However, it CAN be done right if the human characters have a good personality and if they connect to the player or a certain audience. For example, Chris in Sonic X was another attempt to invite the younger audience to watch the show. And in my opinion, it worked! I mean, sure, I'm not gonna lie that he whined quite a considerable bit, but he wasn't like the OTHER attempts of connecting to the younger audience (like Jubilee from the old X-Men cartoon, IMO). Chris didn't whine and cry all the time, he DID try to help (quote-unquote) you and your friends countless times. Heck, this is the kid who climbed on the freaking Egg Mobile while it was taking off, only to get the Chaos Emerald from Eggman!! If that's not having guts, I don't know what it is!"

Like the argument?? Beg to differ?? Well, then feel free to comment!!!! See the full conversation at User blog:SilverthehedgehogMan/The Characters that people hate.