This is for all of the fan-fic writers out there. You see, for a long time, I've been trying to devise a way to make action-packed, yet near-realistic plots for my stories. In order to do some changes, like having Chris Thorndyke actually acknowledge the incident with Black Doom, or having Blaze going to Station Square, I had to go into deep thinking in order to mix both the anime's and the games' storylines (and sometimes even the comics') into one, so it could link them to the original plot while still making a whole new deal. Of course, fan-made characters are also included to help the story go on, or to make it a bit more interesting, but these characters also have a plot of their own, which links them to the original somehow. After all, that IS what fan-fiction is about.
My point here, is that I want your opinion, SNN users: what do you think about mixing the plot of the anime with the games?? For example, having Sonic's adventures re-told in the video games, while the anime tells its own version to the public, creating some arguments between Sonic fans, all of this INSIDE the fan-fiction's plot. Characters like Chris and Cosmo would be real in that universe, and while not taking part on the games themselves, they would still acknowledge the events of these games as real, while telling their own stories within them. This is the technique I use, but I know a lot of writers already used it as well. But what do you guys think?? Is it a good idea to have the events of the anime somehow happening within the events of the game?? What would be, in your opinion, the pros and cons of such mixture?