Hey, guys!! I would like to make a quick summary of the stories I wrote, so I can make a bit of advertising (and because I'm bored). Feel free to check them out at my gallery, if you wish. About the title, it's because they all happen or end in Brazil, somehow. I thought that Sonic would like to visit the land of samba.

His Origin - Shadow the Hedgehog must face a new enemy from his past, a threat that challenges not only his mind, but his heart, after a shocking truth is revealed.

Absolution - Blaze the Cat returns from the alternate dimension, a few days before a mysterious figure invites Silver the Hedgehog and his allies to London, England to talk about Soleanna. However, Eggman also decides to pay England a visit, with another evil plan in mind.

We All Can - In the spirit of "power to the people", a teenage boy meets Sonic the Hedgehog in the flesh after a Chaos Emerald comes through his bedroom window, but the situation thickens when the whole city of São Paulo is turned against them. To make matters worse, Chris and his friends from Station Square are captured, and are forced to be part of a hideous experiment.

Believe in Her - An unexpected visitor from beyond the stars comes to Earth, desperately searching for Tails and his friends. Meanwhile, a new member of the S.O.N.I.C.X. organization comes to town with a personal vendetta against Rouge, and decides to join forces with another fierce enemy of Sonic to destroy her and her allies.

Gravity - The Babylon Rogues are back, and they want a rematch against Sonic and his friends. But can they do so when S.O.N.I.C.X. reappears with a new ally by their side?? And does this new ally really want to help them??

Ghost School - An exposition presented by Spagonia University is held in a private school in Brazil, although it gets out of control when students begin disappearing, and teachers appear traumatized by something not of this world.

Well, that's as far as I can go. The rest is at my gallery. For those who like some fan-fiction, feel free to visit anytime! Gallery folder