Sonic Generations is coming. Everyone's happy, excited, just waiting for it to come! Me?? Well, sure I'm excited! Although I'm not happy! Quite frankly, I am DEATHLY afraid! Why?? Well, isn't it obvious?? Din't we see this before??
Think back to 2006. Sonic the Hedgehog is about to hit the stores, and much like Generations, it's an anniversary game. It promises lots of stuff, adventure, cool gameplay and awesome soundtrack! What was the critical reception for that game again?? THAT is my fear!! What if Sonic Generations receives the SAME backlash once it's out?? And yes, you could come up with the argument that "it has more content", or "it's 2011, and Sonic's 20 years old, now!". Well, here's my answer to those arguments: CRITICISM IS CRITICISM!! ONE mistake, ONE flaw, and Generations will be the next 1/10 for game critics and overly-conservative "fans", everywhere! EXACTLY like Sonic 2006!!
This has been angering me for a while: everyone looks at Generations' trailer, gameplay demos and soundtrack, and everyone is like "Sonic is back!! Sonic is back!!". Well, here's a newsflash for ya: Sonic isn't back! He NEVER! LEFT! Even after Sonic 2006, it's still here!! Remember all that backlash?? That, as far as I know, would be enough to make several people from SEGA give up on the franchise, and make thousands (or maybe millions) of fans to abandon it! And yet, here we are!! Here THEY are!! The games keep coming, and we keep playing them, despite the flaws!! We still admire the characters, the plot, the voice acting, the soundtrack, the bosses, EVERYTHING but the gameplay once in a while!! After all, some of these have a good gameplay...
These are the ones I would call "fans"! People who stick to the franchise, even despite its flaws! Now, if some you wanna comment that I'm just some loser wanting attention, then fine! Call me a loser and see if I care! You wanna say that I'm being melodramatic?? Fine, I am, then! But you can't deny that I have a point! It might be small, but it's still there! You wanna talk about this?? Reach a good argument?? Then be my guest. I know I might be acting over-the-top, but I'm sure I'm being at least half-right about it. But again, you think differently?? Then feel free to disagree with me and state your opinion. I just hope that Sonic Generations will be received the way it should: with open arms, and reasonable critics. The way that I think Sonic 2006 should've been. If you read all of this to the end, then thank you for your time.