Battle theme:

City of London, London - England (UK)
20:00 PM

The night sky, packed with clouds, loomed high and mighty over the financial center of London. Strangely enough, no people were walking on the sidewalks, even though the lights were on in every building, and cars were rushing down the paved streets, driven by businessman minding only their businesses.

That was because no one dared to enter a newly-restricted district of the city, which was surrounding a singular, solitary commercial building, the tallest on the district. And also because it was surrounded by a squad of COLDM robots protecting the entrance, looking menacingly at any unwanted presence which passed nearby. The only presence they were apparently ignoring was none other than Shadow the Hedgehog, who stood with his arms crossed a few meters away, as if waiting for something. And right on cue, Jake the Hedgehog, the Ultimate Apprentice, appeared to his side.

"About time..." said Shadow, not losing his pose. "Where's your team?"

"Coming." answered Jake.

Again, as if on cue, Fly the Fox and Francisco the Flying Squirrel landed by Jake's side, respectively, completing Team Explosive.

"Great, we're early!" said Francisco.

"Where's the others?" asked Fly.

Alter the Wolf and Mikee the Echidna walked towards them, while Syber the Hedgehog materialized near the two, completing Team Emerald.

"Present." said Alter. "This is the building?"

"According to Dr. von Neuron's coordinates, yes." said Shadow. "This is the place."

"Alright, then." said Jake. "We're ready to go."

Syber was the first to begin walking towards the building, stopping right in front of the Guards. They looked at him, apparently analyzing his shape, then looked at the others. They finally moved as they stood on guard, forming a straight pathway to the building's entrance. Syber didn't say a word and just kept walking.

They all followed Syber into the building, passing through the large hall and facing a stylish elevator. Shadow looked at them and took a Red Chaos Emerald he was carrying with him.

"I'll get us to the top." said Shadow. "Chaos Control!"

Nothing happened, however.

"What??" said Mikee. "Why didn't anything happen?"

"He must have thought ahead with the Chaos Control tactic..." said Shadow.

"Guess we'll have to take the usual road, then..." said Fly.

They entered the elevator, except for Syber, who de-materialized away successfully to the last floor. The lift went straight upwards, not stopping at any floors of the empty building. When it finally reached the last floor, the doors opened to reveal large double doors. Syber appeared close to them and opened the doors.

It leaded into a large, fancy office with a large, ample space. It had three desks in total: one to the far left of the room, other to the far right, and a larger one a few meters in front of them, before a huge window overlooking the city. Between that window and the desk was a large chair, and apparently the room was empty.

"Seems like he's not here..." said Alter.

"Oh, I sure am..."

They looked at the chair, which was turning around to reveal a man in an expensive suit and spiky blond hair, his fingers intertwined on each other before him, holding his cane. Thunder roared outside. The man himself, Ryan Weever.

"Welcome to my temporary office!!" he said in sarcastic joy. "And nice of you to drop by, Shadow! Let us see who we have here... Jake, how delightful! You still look the same as Shadow: idiotic and unoriginal! Fly, the Master of Fire!! A pretty neat title... for a sidekick! And Francisco, Rider of the Bullet Bills! I would sure love to drive a bullet into your head!!!"

After angering Team Explosive, he looked at the other team present. His expression shifted to obvious anger.

"Oh, you..." he said. "You anger me the most. A walking source of apocalyptic power, a wolf who is a disrespect to our culture, and the abomination that nimrod Eggman developed! Out of both teams, you carry the worst backstories, the higher danger levels and the most pain and humiliation to human kind. But all of you are threats, nonetheless."

He rose from his chair, his cane's tip tapping on the marble floor.

"Are you going to badmouth us all day, or are you going to fight!?" demanded Francisco.

"Indeed." said Ryan. "Enough foolery. This time, only me and you, face-to-face.!"

"Why are you doing this???" asked Mikee with a saddened look on her face. "What did we ever do to you??"

"EXIST!!!" shouted Ryan, causing Mikee to flinch. "You regard humans as only disposable trash!!! To you, we are naught but meat puppets! Sources of entertainment!! Like Sonic, with every single person you save, thousands lose their lives and dreams, and like Shadow, you all think we humans are inferior beings who deserve to be crushed!!!! Well, no more!!"

Robotic hands descended from the ceiling as Ryan threw away his cane and extended his arms. The hands were carrying a pair of black gauntlets, which they put on each of Ryan's hands.

"Those previous attacks were naught but diversions." he said. "This is the real fight, Mobians!!"

Once the gloves were put, Ryan lowered his arms and looked at them.

"Well, what are you waiting for??" he taunted. "Come and fight me! I'm right here, why waste any time??"

They were suspicious, of course, but Fly was so angered by his insult that he was the first to try.

"Well, if you're asking!!"

He threw a fireball at Ryan, who merely held out his hand, which dissipated the fireball upon impact. Fly was stupefied. Ryan grinned.

"My turn now." he said.

He made a similar move to Fly's, and surprisingly, threw a fireball at him, which sent him to the ground.

"How the...!?" said Jake.

He wasted no time and made a Chaos Blade, charging at Ryan. The man suddenly pulled a similar blade and counterattacked as their blades clashed, energy sparks flowing out of every hit. Ryan then ended the clash when he teleported behind Jake and dealt a heavy blow, sending him to the ground.

"Oh, my apologies..." said Ryan. "Was that what you wanted to do??"

"How did you learn their moves like that!?!?" asked Mikee in shock.

Ryan looked at her and grinned.

"Not just theirs." he said.

He made an Emerald Spear on his hand, similar to Mikee's, and threw it at her as she took the full blow, sent head first into the door to the office, opening it with the impact. Alter grunted as Ryan kept grinning.

"In every attack I sent, I installed on each of my robots a special hidden camera." said Ryan. "They analyzed each of your attacks and tactics and sent the information to my mainframe system, where it is kept well-guarded. But in case I missed something, I made a full background check on each of you, all thanks to Eggman's inability to keep his own system secured properly."

He extended his palm forwards as ice shards flew towards Francisco, who dodged them just in time.

"Then I reprogrammed the attacks and put them all on this pair of gauntlets." continued the Englishman. "All of them simulated and adapted to be used by humans. The kind you all hurt so much!"

He finally attempted to attack Syber as his hands were enveloped in two plasma blades. However, Syber merely dodged him and jumped behind him to try and kick his back, but Ryan saw this coming and teleported away as Syber's foot hit the marble floor. Ryan reappeared behind him as Francisco tried throwing a miniature tornado at Ryan. He maneuvered the tornado back to Francisco, who dodged it.

"It's no use!" said the flying squirrel. "How can we fight him if he knows every attack we have??"

Jake got back up and tried to attack again by taking off his Inhibitor Rings, just when Fly threw larger fireballs at Ryan, who dodged and deflected them all. Fly jumped out of the way just in time.


Chaos-based swords descended upon Ryan with full impact. However, he teleported just in time to avoid them as he appeared next to Jake.

"Fool..." he said.

Mikee's Emerald Blade soon was made known to Ryan as he pulled a similar one out of thin air and counterattacked as Mikee fought with all her might. However, the Englishman took her by the arm and spun her around, throwing her at Jake, both landing with a heavy thud. Remembering Francisco, Ryan saw Alter preparing an Ice Spear to throw at him, however he not only dodged it, he grabbed it with his natural super-strength, hit Alter with it, then slammed it on the ground, the shockwave big enough to throw the squirrel at the left corner desk. He finally saw Shadow trying to attack him, but one kick was enough to send him against a wall.

Out of the blue, however, Syber managed to land a punch on Ryan's face, causing him to stumble backwards and lean on his desk for support. He looked at Syber, his eyes yellow with anger.

"Regardless of whatever you take from us, it is still a human using our abilities." said Syber in his serious tone. "You have neither the control on the intellect to fully understand us. You claim to be better than Dr. Robotnik, but you will never be any better."

Ryan grunted in anger. Much like Syber, he also had so much he could take, and comparing him to Eggman was his limit.

"Says the plasma aberration who claims to be 'Transcendent'!" he spat. "You claim to be transcendent, eternal... Well, all I see is a whimpering child wanting attention!! A baby who can only cry, wanting the attention of every human, to claim that he is a threat. Well, you may get our attention, surely, but the fact will never change that you are a weak, small child in this world!!!! Whoever tells you that you have the right to play God, will never learn you will always, indeed, merely PLAY God!!!! WEAK in every aspect, THAT'S what you are!!!!"

Syber gritted his teeth.

"You said enough!" he said.

"I can tell you the same!" spat Ryan.

Syber charged at Ryan with his Plasma Blades, but then Ryan saw it coming and grabbed his face with both hands when he jumped, a sudden surge of energy leaving Syber's body as Ryan laughed maniacally.

"You think I didn't know what you would try??" said Ryan. "I was just waiting to drain you of your energy! What a pitiful attempt to attack me!!!!"

Syber grinned while Ryan kept absorbing his energy.

"At last..." the hedgehog said between grunts. "You are right... where I wanted...!"

Syber, with a swift motion, took out both gloves from Ryan and vanished from sight. With nothing on his field of vision, Ryan gasped when he briefly saw nothing but the other team members plus Shadow, all throwing projectile attacks at him, all of them combining with Alter's Ice Spear to form an enormous projectile of channeled Chaos Energy.

Ryan didn't even have time to react. The projectile hit him with full force, sending him crashing through the central desk and though the window, throwing him far into the distance, his scream echoing through the stormy night as lightning flashed and thunder roared in the skies above.

Half of the Mobians knelled on the ground, exhausted from the fight. Mikee, still on her feet, but panting, wiped the sweat off her brow.

"It's over..." she said. "It's finally over..."

"I doubt... that he survived that one..." said Alter, on the ground. "Seymour's not gonna be happy about it..."

"He is not dead..."

Syber was standing next to Shadow, also knelled due to Ryan's absorption of his plasma energy.

"That man we just fought..." he said. "Was not the real Weever..."

They all gasped in shock, except for Shadow, who just flinched from surprise.

"What!?" said Fly. "You mean we fought an impostor!?"

"But it couldn't be an impostor!!!" said Jake. "We all saw it!!! He was...!"

"Think about it for a second!" interrupted Syber. "Remember what I said: he is still only human!! Would he REALLY face all of us together if he knew he would probably die?? Especially given how he studied all of us?? He KNOWS our powers combined is too much for him to handle!!"

"Then what did we fight just now??" asked Francisco.

"A robot, dear Mobians!!!"

A large television screen descended from the ceiling, showing the real Weever's face next to a monitor.

"The gauntlets were obviously in experimental phase!!" he bragged. "Plus, why would I risk my life by fighting you myself, when I can obliterate you with a well-put-together machine which mimics me in every way??? I did hope you would die in the battle, but this only proves I have to improve so much more..."

All of the Mobians grunted in anger.

"You won't get away with this, Weever!!" said Shadow.

"Oh, I will!!" said Ryan. "I still have all of your data saved in my computer!!! There is nothing that ANY of you can do to stop me from replicating my plan!!"

"Not so fast, Weever!"

A man's voice suddenly came from the entrance. Shadow recognized the voice as Dr. Johnathan von Neuron, his other co-developer, who walked towards the screen, keeping a distance from the Mobians.

"HAH! Look who arrived to witness my victory!!" bragged Ryan. "You are too late, Johnathan!! Soon, these monsters shall all meet their demises by the hands of my robots!! All of their data is gathered in my mainframe!! Now there is nothing that can stop me!!!"

Johnathan grinned.

"Oh, is that so??" he asked. "If I were you, I'd check my computer again, Ryan... Just in case..."

Ryan raised an eyebrow, until desperation took over and he looked at the monitor to his right, typing some information. His expression was a clear shock at what he found.

"No...!" he said. "M-my data!!! It's gone!!!! All of it!!!! How did it--"

"Looking for this??"

The doctor took a small black computer chip out of his lab coat's pocket, holding it high for everyone to see. Ryan gasped in shock.

"MY DATA!!!"

He threw it at Shadow, who destroyed the chip with a Chaos Spear. Ryan's eyes didn't even look human as he shouted out to the heavens, both hands on his head.


Shadow then looked at the big screen after whispering something to Johnathan.

"Take that as a note, Weever..." he said. "We might be threats to you, but we don't treat humans as garbage. You're the only exception. We might not be human for you, but..."

Ryan once again could only see a large desk floating before the screen, Johnathan making it levitate.

"You're also not human to us."

The desk crashed against the screen, sending it through the large window and towards the ground. Johnathan fixed his glasses triumphantly as the teams celebrated, only Syber and Shadow still looking at the window.

Behind them, Johnathan opened a portal leading to his headquarters in Brazil.

"Well, my work here is done." he said. "Anyone wants to come over for a snack??"

They all looked at each other in thought. Shadow looked at Syber and then at Johnathan again, shaking his head.

"Well, if you need me, anyway..." said Johnathan, giving each a communicator. "Just remember there is a helping hand waiting for a call."

He entered the portal and was about to close it until...


They looked at Syber, who was facing the window.

"Thanks again." he said before vanishing.

Johnathan chuckled to himself as the portal closed. The teams and Shadow looked at each other.

"Well, now what do we do?" asked Jake.

A large humming was heard outside. They looked at the broken window to see a giant aircraft looming over London, hidden among the storm clouds. A peculiar logo could be seen on the aircraft's fuselage.

"Eggman!!" said Alter. "What is he doing here?"

Jake grinned.

"I don't know, but I'd say we discover what he wants." he said.

They all nodded and headed for the elevator. Shadow went slowly, as he thought to himself:

"One day you will learn, Weever... I know you're still human enough to listen to reason... One day, you'll see what you caused..."

He left the office, only the rain and debris left behind in the now lonely arena.