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  • I live in New Jersey
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Aspie otaku
  • I am Female
  • Konnichiku


    January 30, 2016 by Konnichiku

    Just wanted to say hi, I hope everything's going well on SNN. "OH REALLY METAL?! I'LL SHOW YOU SOMETHING GREATER THAN STITCH" 

    BTW why was Sally in that AoStH christmas special, and why didn't she speak? Why did she look different? (Her gasping and moaning sounds were provided by Tabitha St. Germain - Rarity, Luna, and Derpy!)

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  • Konnichiku

    Yep, it's official, Rosy the Rascal was going to be in the cancelled game. It's because we saw a "producer diary" on Sonic Stadium and said that the guy worked on Sonic X-Treme, making the sprites for "Sonic, Tails, and Amy-Rose" (note hyphen). Green blouse and orange tutu on the Saturn. WHY, OH WHYYYYY, DID THEY BRING HER NEW LOOK?

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