Greetings, SNN users.

Today, I'd like to take a moment and perhaps, give some condolences to a certain user.
As of 20th April 2014, SNN user Toxice suffered an accident while performing at her dance class; report says some stage equipment went loose and ended up crashing on her. Toxice fractured her right knee and ended up getting stitches on her head by a gash. So as for now, all I want to spread his a good "Get well soon" message to her, since -as a community- we care for one another, through ups and downs.
She's currently on the hospital bed and updates say she has been put to an induced coma as she fell unconscious earlier today through pain and will be temporarily inactive from now on.

What a shame.

So hope for the best and get well soon, Toxi, you are a delight to this wiki.