YujiYujiKrazy presents..YujiYuji

As much as I wanted to avoid adding Sexiest Man Alive in this blog, I was left with no choice. Also, this is a serious blog, said in a not serious way.

So i basically made this blog, to say im sorry for those i've offended, whether i have or not.


  • MetalMickey272: we had a fight. a silly one. a pointless one. and i apologize for offending whether i meant to or not. Metal, i still love you. past is the past, babe. and when i said i beat your a** so hard yesterday was implying on not that i was offending you, but was just a talk back to the lack of support i got. its over now
  • Amy rose 4 eva: ive never said anything to you but you hate me. i'd apologize for that.
  • cuddlefan: you hate me, you cant tolerate me, i dont know why, but still, i love you brudda.

and to everyone else who may have it the krazy train.

*starts blowing kisses to his computer screen*

If this blog was too un-krazy-material

i'd like to say i have a huge crush on User:Toxice and i want to marry her like right now, BUT

I've also found love in User:BlueSpeeder, so dont be down, baby.