The votes are in, and here are your Emerald Awards winners for July 2014:

  • Administrator of the Month: Sacorguy!
  • Chat Moderator of the Month: MetalMickey!
  • Rollback of the Month: Toxice!
  • Editor of the Month: Taichi!
  • Social User of the Month: Krazy Company!
  • Blog of the Mouth: Sesn! (Condescending Robotnik memes)
  • Comic of the Month: BlueSpeeder, Sesn, IceSeason101, Blazing Flare, CariconCommander and The Shadow of Darkness! (Sonic vs. Transformers)
  • New User of the Month: Portalfan!
  • Joker of the Month: Krazy Company!
  • Sol Awards: None.

And apologies are being handed out, wrapped and sent to those who weren't able to make it by my mistake.

And hey! Pretty tiny pink awards will be going out too! Just see what happens in the end.

So congrats all and better luck next time and I'm just your one time host. Baibai.