Greetings, users, today this troll gives you a look into wonders that Sonic series has to offer.

Ze Loop ze Loop



Ah yes, this ancient charmer. Ze Loop Ze Loops was the trademark of the Sonic Franchise. it was such a trademark that sonic himself fell in love with. sonic then proposed to the loop de loop and she said yes. From them, the loop de loop became the most iconic sonic level layoutthingamajig ever.

But later, Sega (the bad guys) interrupted this true love and added sucky spin offs, guns, swords and whatevs. The loop de loop was never found since that breakup... wait. then this clown comes and he is all like bring the loops back and sonic had his second marriage.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow sonic generations by axelrose kpo-d49npsc

Shadow often makes funny faces and funny poses that would look weird on a real human.

Shadow. Depressed. Sad. Disturbed. Lonely. But he was developed. Sega spent so much time making this character. He is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. So. give. him. his. fuducking game. give him guns. give him a girl who dies of childhood diesease. give him amnesia. give him a wannabe look. give him black doom. give him poor reviews. ruin him.

Shadow is still loved to this day.

Extreme Gear

Blue Star - Artwork - (1)

this is extreme gear

Exgear bluestar

this is obese extreme gear

Sonic riders series is based of these boards called extreme gear.

  • what is extreme gear?
  • why is extreme gear called extreme gear?
  • who made extreme gear?
  • why cant jet use a car?
  • How is sonic always ready for a race?
  • why are there so many extreme gears in the market?
  • where did ex extreme gear come from?
  • how does sonic get an extreme gear?
  • why are extreme gears so good?
  • why are there separate tracks for extreme gears?
  • why does every character regardless of time have extreme gear?
  • How is sonic so automatically good at extreme gear?

Nobody knows. Which makes this a wonder to all of us.


App Icon Sonic Jump

Sonic approaching heaven via rings.

Money in the Sonic Franchise.

It is often loosen or dropped by pedestrians and old animal friends.

Sonic runs at top speeds to steal them before they are found

Animal friends end up broke.

In real. Sonic steals rings so he can get backstage pass to heaven.


  • SNN: A place that has stuff.
  • Blaze: Goddess of plot twists.
  • Archie comics: unlike archie sonic is not a ginger and has no freckels! :O
  • Rouge. Insanely sexy.


And this was the museum of Sonic by KrazyKiller the Hater. Thanks you. --KrazyKillertheHater (talk) 13:30, November 15, 2013 (UTC)