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  • LEGOfan2010

    New Sonic Rumor

    October 4, 2013 by LEGOfan2010


    VG Leaks is reporting that Sega is preparing a brand new Sonic title for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the Wii U. According to their source the game will be called Sonic Thunderstorm or Sonic Blue Thunder and should be announced in May 1st of 2014. This information should be treated one hundred percent as a rumour at present. Here’s the details.


    A new hedgehog character will be named Static the Hedgehog. A new hedgehog will be a teenage clone of Sonic. Knuckles, Rouge and Eggman will have teenage clones, like Sonic. Knuckles’ teenage clone will be male and be n…

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  • LEGOfan2010

    Sonic The Lost World trailer has came out! tell me what you think! 

    Exclusively on Nintendo's Wii U and 3DS.

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  • LEGOfan2010

    Hi, everyone!  I heard Namco Bandai Games are making a sequel to a game they had called "Namco X Capcom" and last year they announced a game called "NAMCO X CAPCOM X SEGA" and I saw a couple of trailers for it.  And something I noticed, where's Sonic!?

    I know some of you are like "HE AIN'T HUMAN!!" but that doesn't justify the right to leave out SEGA's most succesful franchise.  Also, I found this image on Google images.  Another thing too, is that I was on the Capcom Wiki and I found Sonic on the SEGA character list on the bottom of the list.

    Anyways, do you think Sonic is gonna be in Project X Zone?

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