• Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas

    Guys Sonic The Blade Battle... may be cancelled, i may continue this, but the release date of the new chapter is unknown

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  • Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas

    I Know That Some People Are Waiting The Chapter 9 Of Sonic The Blade Battle,But I Will Release It In December Because The Enegy Problem,All The Days Without Energy Etc.So Im Finish The Chapter Like In December 9,12 Or 17

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  • Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas

    Here Is Leo To Answer All You Questions About The Most Recend Comic Of Sonic News Network:Sonic The Blade Battle

    Q:When is Link the Hedgehog going to appear?

    A:In Chapter 13 Or 14

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  • Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas

    Ather The Little Break Here Is The New Chapter(Moon You Have To See This!)

    Ness Want's Kill The Knight And Fight's The Knight Are Going Wining And Sonic,Tails And Knuckles Helps The Knight With A Team Blast But Ness Counter-Attacks With Pk Flash And Defeats Sonic Next Tails And Knuckle Are Defeated Down And The Battle Continues

    Ness:Who Are This Guys I Going To Kill Them

    Sonic:Uh Ness*

    Ness:You Are So Fast But Pk Ray!

    Ness:Pk Beam Blade

    Voice Knight:All The Blades In Target Kill Him Fierce Cutter

    Tails:Im So Sorry

    Sonic:No Problem Tails

    Knuckles:We Going To Use Team Blast*

    Tails:Is Team

    Knuckles:This Is The Team Blast Ness!

    Sonic:The Power Of The Teamwork

    Ness:That's All? Pk Flash!

    Sonic:WHAT THE HECK!

    Sonic:I Sorry Tails...

    Tails:Why Ness?,Why

    Knuckles:I …

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  • Leonardo Javier Faneite Freitas

    Here Is Leo With Other More Update Idea In This Time I Will Make The Updated Character Colors For Emerl And I Will Make Character Colors For Him(Note:The Colors Will Be Updated)

    Example: Emerl(Sonic)

    Murphyshane: Emerl(Shadow)

    NeroTheHedgehog: Emerl(Blaze) Original:

    CloudTheHedgehog: Emerl(Scourge)

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