Well This Is Not A Good Moment To Post The Chapter 6 But:THE SERIES ARE NOT FINISHED!!!!!!!!! For Now

And Brand New Ness Sprites!


Ather The Kick Ness Re-Attacks With A Punch And Sonic Falls In Water And Ness Paralyses Tails And

Sonic Transforms In Dark Super Sonic* And Cut´s Ness But Ness Uses Other Power And Sonic De-Transforms And Ness Claims That Was A Test*


Sonic(Ather Get Launched To The Water):Ah Water No!!!!!!!

Sonic:Ah My Blade Has Fall In The Water*

Tails:Ness Stop!*

Ness:PK Chain

Sonic:Dark Cutter

Ness:Sonic Is You?

Ness:PK Control

Ness:Calm Down Sonic This Is Only A Test*

Sonic:And Knuckles?*