Im Leonardo And This Is My First Comic:Sonic The Blade Battle


001.The Strange Sword

002.True Power

003.New Guys

004.The Arrival Of Company

005.Welcome The Valley Of The Saturns

006.This Is A TEST

007.The Test With Tails

008.A Fierce Battle Start's,Ness Vs All!

009.Last Counter:Knights The K.O Move

010.Blade And Blue? The Sword Masters

011.The Company Is In Danger!

012.Salvation? Shadow Appears

013.Meeting With Link The Hedgehog

014.Shadow And Link! Now Are Rivals

015.A Nickname For Link?

Name In Other Languages

Spanish:Sonic La Batalla De Espadas

Japanese Translation:The Battle Of Sonic Blades

German:Sonic The Blade Battle

French:Sonic The Battle Blade

(Note:All Names Are Translated With Google Traductor)