Quotation1 The ultimate user competition! Quotation2

You can do a user showdown. Also, you can put your user showdowns. This was my idea to take his idea.

Competitive Things

  • Editing Competition: How fast can you edit in one whole day? (1st Place User for this award: This guy, leading with 118 edits in one day in only 13 hours for him todo it)
  • File Competition: Two users face off, they have to add a photo and I decide which is better. (First place: Miles Tails Prower8000, for this image:)
  • Video Competition (First place: IDK)

    The top image of this wiki, anyone who can top this one gets first place.

  • Art Competition (use pencil drawn photos only) (First place: This guy)

    The top photo for the art competition.