ok guys i have returned to have your face pwned! lol kidin'. i have started background stories for shadows strike. ( band with lightning's "family" members) ok lets start this lil rodeo.


after being given away. lightning was thrown out by her new uncaring family. and was left in the cold wet forest. eventually, a pack of wolves came. ( this next part is VERY unlikely) and decided to take her into the pack. growing up as a wolf. she was never very fluent with talking at all. she could only bark,howl,growl, and whimper. that was until she was found by her siblings and tails doll. soon enough she began talking. but the life of a wolf disguided her. she thought that anything that gets in her or her siblings should get destroyed. even people on her side. she thrives on meat and blood. and she has razer sharp canines. always have a weopen with you when your hanging out with her. you may never know when she will get angry....


when he was young. he was very care-free. that was until the great war started. he and his new father were always armed with a gun. but one very stormy night. shadow and his family were walking in the forest. there was a loud crack in the woods. it did not sound like the storm. suddenly one of the oppenents from the war came and shot shadows dad. his dads last words were " shadow you must end...this...war..." shadow watched his father die right before his eyes. he beleived that his dads soul would protect him in his journey to end the war. and he sucessed.

i'll do the rest when i finish them. kk? bye!