Heyo. NOBODY LIKES ME! :'(, any way. lately all i have been thinking abot it is wait for it.... chaos. chaos. CHAOS! any way so recently i got SA2B. (sonic adventure 2 battle) and messed around with chao garden. in 2 days: 2 adult chaos. 2 babys. all chao gardens unlocked.and 1 chaos chao. i'm like obbsesed. ( bad speller) so i took pics on my dsi. ( coming soon when i edit this and download :p) also my babys were born with the same mom and dad. the kids look like they are gonna be hero chaos. ok so they're names are: mom: FB chao ( flutterby doll's chao), dad: SOUL, first kid: charlie ( off of good luck charlie) and 2nd kid: selena. the mom is a dark chao. she was raised by shadow. ( my bro :) ) SOUL is an hero. he was raised by tails.( tails DOLL) and the other kids just raised by random heroes and villions. and on my dsi i took 100 pics. i think... i stopped counting afterwards. so yeah. so i'm not gonna post all of those. ( that would be my first rolercoaster all over again 0.e) ANYWAY.... i think it would be awesome if i study chaos. since they are like my life now. i will raise all the types and thats my goal! my 2 weeks of vacations goal! by the way found this random fortune lying round' somewhere it says " freedom is wisdom to thought" what? WHAT??? any wayz( i'm getting tired of saying that) what is your fav. chao? ( any species or colour and yes i know thats not how u spell it in the US.) and if u have/had sa2/ sa2b do you have any good memeries with a chao? bad memeries? i L-O-V-E dark chaos. and dark chao garden. and whats weird is everyone says that DCG ( dark chao garden) has blood for water. well no. because:

  • animals don't swim in blood
  • blood is thicker
  • blood is darker

in conclusion... WHY THE HECK WOULD YA'LL THINK ITS BLOOD? any way tell me your fav. chao and fav. memeries AND garden.

HIYA! i'm back and since i'm new to this wiki. i'd like to meet some members of this wiki. i want to know about u. so i'll tell you about this gal!

  • my favorite sonic song is " escape from the city" main mix.
  • my favorite song is" grenade" ariana grande version.
  • i love tails doll.
  • i love blaze
  • i love dark chaos
  • i love shadow.
  • my catchpharse is: bad girl, good girl thats just who i am.
  • i have a wee bit of a temper.
  • i am female.
  • sonic stinks. shadow rules.
  • i like manga, video games, movies, tv, and RS ( regular show.)

now u go.

edit: u can have more than one blog? oh well. whateves just anser my quistans. :D