"Welcome, welcome, everyone to 'Livewire Traven', the name maybe crap, but we got great beer," spoke the speaker in to the mike "for your entertainment tonight, you bring you the finest music this town has to offer,"

"Great, another reason not to came here," Shadow muttered, taking another dozen gulps of his beer "well, he's right about one, they got good beer,"

"Would it kill you to at least try and have fun," Amy said, nagging him in the arm. Friday night was always low price beer night and Amy and Shadow always went out on Fridays, even vow Shadow didn't like it, but that's a price he will have to pay for the love of the pink hedgehog.

"Tonight, we bring you, the only band in a thousand miles, 'Brothers in Arms'," he then walked off the stage and the band got in to their places.

"These another," Shadow took another few gulps.

"God! You don't learn, do you?!" Amy started to get up, but Shadow grabbed her arm.

"Alright, alright, I give up the lame jokes," 'Yeah right' Shadow added silently "oy! Bar tender! Another two," the bar tender gave them their drinks, Amy then turned as the singer walked up to the mike, but Shadow just stared at the table.

"Tonight, we'll be starting off with an old classic, why is it a classic, cause we found it on the ground," small laughs came from here and there, but not many "this song originally came out in the late 80's, early 90's, we don't really know. But who really care, anyway, we present the first song of the evening..."

"Get on with it!" Amy turned to see who yelled, only to find Knuckles sitting at the other end of the bar, heavily drunk.

"Hotel California," a chores of whistles, yells and 'wahoos' rows from the crowd.

"Oh, I love this song, come on Shadow," Amy grabbed his arm and almost dragged him to the dance floor. They both stood in the middle of the crowd of people on the floor, Amy putted her arms around Shadow and rested her head on his chest, Shadow did the same, but his head on top of hers. Amy then closed her eyes and started to lead shadow in a step and turn slightly, then Shadow lifted his head to a yell from the bar.

"Do you know how stupid you look?!" Knuckles laughed, but then fell off the stool.

"Serves you right knucklehead," Shadow then placed his head back on Amy's head and closed his eyes.

"On a dark desert highway," the singer began "cool wind in my hair...the smell a paprika...rising up through the air," Shadow and Amy danced throw the evening, not even stoping to finish their drinks, and, lucky for them, their walk back was uneventful, apart from Shadow having to carry Knuckles back to the hanger.

The hanger wasn't bad place to live, but not great ether. It's hard to call somewhere a home when you got nothing to live in, so they use what they could find, like bits of scrap metal, broken wood and a car tyre, every now and even. Sonic and Blaze shared a hut, so did Amy and Shadow, Knuckles and Rouge. Now, you would think Tails and Cream would share a hut, but Tails hardly came out of his and Cream would stay with Sonic and Blaze.

"There... busted," Shadow grunted, throwing him on the couch, then followed Amy in to their hut. Shadow got undress, put his cloths away and slipped under the covers of the bed, where Amy was already laying "night,"

"Good night Shadow," Amy whispered in his ear, pulling herself closer and resting her head on his chest, Shadow then rested his hand on her back.

"Blaze...Blaze, are you awake?" Sonic whipper in her, he then nagged her slightly, but all did she was roll over. Sonic quietly walk from her side of the bed and out the door, but got his black jacket, green shirt and, somehow, the corner of his black trousers caught. He opened the quietly, but slammed it closed "shit!" Sonic sprinted for the hander door, jumping over Knuckles, who somehow found his way on the floor 'hammered again," Sonic turned his head from Knuckles to the door, but slammed into it, he scrambled to his feet and run out the door.

"Aright, who's there?!" Knuckles yelled, waking ever one else up.

"What's going on Knuckles?!" Rouge shotted from there hut, these was high up on the wall, she then flew down and helped him up "out drinking again?"

"So what's to you!, ah, shouldn't have done that, stupid hangovers,"

Rouge then kiss him on the head, Knuckles started to blush and they one else started to laugh, they all stopped and went back in to their hut to get dressed. Amy was the first to step back out, ever day she always wore this purple and black jacket, dark pink shirt and purple jean. "Brrr, it cold this morning, I'll start the fire,"

"I'll do that Amy," Amy jumped "are you ok?" she turned around to see Tails, dressed in a black jacket, black shirt, black jeans and a tinted riot helmet, with an arm full of wood, stacking it up against the fire pit.

"Thanks, Tails," Amy look from his gloves down at his shoes and saw that he had spray painted them black 'what's wrong with Tails,' Amy thought to herself 'ever since the war ended, he never came out of his hut, why the sudden change,'

"Morning, Amy," Blaze said, sitting down next to the fire pit, leaning forwed to warm her hand over the fire. The purple jacket, white shirt dark blue jean she wore glowed brighter in the fire light "so, what do you are you planning to do today? And have seen Sonic?, he wasn't in bed this morning,"

"No, I haven't and I don't....,"

Blaze raced a hand, with her pointer finger, in Amy direction "Shhhhh, did you hear that?" suddenly, a sound of a guitar strumming came from outside the hanger, but only Blaze could hear it.

"No," Amy answered, looking out the hanger door "what did you h....." Amy looked from the door to were Blaze was sitting and back, just see Blaze's tail go out the door.

Blaze used her sense of hearing and found that the guitar playing was coming from the old control tower "who could that be?" Blaze walk in the control tower "great, the lift had to be destroyed, now, how am I going to get up," she looked around for a stairway, but saw bits of jagged metal and hole in the walls all the way up the tower "got it," she then ran at the left hand, ran two feet up it, kicked off it and grabbed on a piece of metal on the obesest wall, she began to swing back and forth, then throw herself at the back wall and grabbed on a hole in the wall "and I've got to do this all the way up," she looked up "god, this is going to be a long morning,"

"Finally," Blaze grunted, grabbing the ledge of the lift shaft and pulled herself up "didn't take as long as I plan..." she looked at her watch "about ten minutes," she then ducked behind a pile of rubble and peered around, supervised to see Sonic, strumming away on the guitar. He then started to sing.

"Take me down to my boat on the river, I need to go down, I need to come down. Take me back to my boat on the river, and I won't cry out any more," Blaze slow walked up behind Sonic, who had his eyes closed, and sat down next to him, with her feet hanging out the building. "Time stands still as I gaze in her waters, she eases me down, touching me gently. With the waters that flow, past my boat on the river, so I won't cry out anymore. Oh the river is wide, the river it touches my life like the waves on the sand, and all roads lead to Tranquillity Base, where the frown on my face disappears. Take me down to my boat on the river and I won't cry out anymore," he kept strumming away for a bit, then started again.

"Oh the river is deep, the river it touches my life like the waves on the sand, and all roads lead to Tranquillity Base, where the frown on my face disappears. Take me back to my boat on the river and I won't cry out anymore, and I won't cry out anymore...... and I won't cry out anymore!" he rested his head on the body, eyes still close, and rested his right hand on Blaze's "you know, the song sounds better with a full band,"

"How did you know I was here?"

"It's not hard in this cold weather," Sonic lifted his head and stared in to Blaze's, he couldn't help himself, but bring his head closer her, she then brang hers closer too. Sonic turn his silty, their lips were about to touch, but suddenly a gun shot went off from the roof.

"Dame it," Sonic and Blaze looked up and saw a gun barrel disappear "alright, you won't say still, so, try and doge this!" a rocket then flying from the roof to the ground and a large bang sounded and fire roared in to the sky "that should have done it," then the smoke clear "what still missed, ok, ok, settle down, no need to go over board......yes there is," several more rocket went off "alpha, mike, foxtrot or in other words, adios motherfu....!" the rest of what he said was muffled the explosions.

"Who's up there," the stranger, stranger than most, peered over the side.

"I'll be down in a sec," the stranger then walked out of view, then suddenly jumped off the roof and flew past Sonic and Blaze. They both stood up, as a grappling hook, drove itself in to the ledge. They looked over the edge, the stranger was climbing up the outside of the control tower, but then stoped "stupid motor,," he grunted, hitting a gun looking thing, coming out his wrist, suddenly it began to wine as in lunched him up the rest of the way, suddenly, the hook fell out of the concrete, but the stranger grabbed on to the ledge and pulled himself up, Sonic and Blaze covered their eyes from the shine the stranger gave off.

"Can you steep out of the sun please?"

"Sorry," as the stranger steeped out of the sunlight, Sonic nearly fell back at the size of him. The stranger then raced his hand to his head and turned his helmet to the side, it made hissing sound as he did, showing that he was a gold and black fox, Sonic and Blaze stared at him, they both were surprise to see this friend in a sort of, silver and black, armour with, what looked like gun parts, all along his arms.

"Who are you?" Blaze finally asked.

"My name is Tettoksis," Sonic and Blaze looked confused by his name "just call me Tet-6," he raced his to shack Sonic's "and what's yours?"

"I'm Sonic," he held his left hand out, Blaze grabbed it and he pulled her forward "and this is Blaze,"

"Pleasure to meet you," shacking her hand, Tet-6 flicked his eyes down to Sonic's other hand and saw he was still holding on to Blaze's "hang on second, Just got to grab my gear from up top," he spun around, locking his helmet back on, and jumped out the building, then the grapple line shot past the hole in the wall and Tet-6 flew past.

Sonic swung his guitar over his shoulder "show off," Sonic muttered, walking for the lift shaft.

"What wrong Sonic?" she then started to smile "are you jealous of him?"

"Why would I be jealous of some nut in armour? I mean, what kind of idiot jumps out of a building, twice, and lunches several rocket at who knows what,"

"Maybe someone who has had 9 years of military training, 11 years in this god forsaken war and someone was trying to get something to eat around here," Sonic slowly turn around, and nearly fell back, because Tet-6 was standing behind hind him "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for that out bust," he sighed "I've been through a lot in the past few months,"

"Do you have anywhere to stay?" Blaze asked, walking up and stood next to Tet-6.

"Since I quite working for G.U.N, I..." he was cut off by Sonic.

"You use to work for G.U.N?"

"That's what the scratch logo is, anyway, since i quite, I haven't set a foot in a civilization,"

"Well, why don't you stay with us," Sonic open his mouth say something but Blaze cut him off "came on Sonic, he's probably slept in mud, through rain and probably mach worse,"

Sonic sighed "alright, alright, he can stay,"

Blaze walked over and started to climb down the shaft, when she was out of sight, Tet-6 leant over and whispered to Sonic "for the record, I have not gone through any of that," he then started to climb down.

"Well I'll be," he then walked to the edge of the shaft and jump down. As he fell, he watched for Blaze and Tet-6 and saw them waiting half way down. Immediately, Sonic reached out for a steel beam, that ran from one side of the shaft to the over, and grabbed it with one hand, nearly slipping, and throw himself over to the platform were Blaze and Tet-6 were waiting "why have we stop? we still have ten floors to go,"

"I have a faster way of getting down," he held his fist agents the wall, then the grappling hook shot in to the wall "hang on," Sonic grabbed a short handrail on Tet-6's arm, Blaze did the same, Tet-6 then kicked the platform they were standing on, it groaned, twisted, then fell. Sonic, Blaze and Tet-6 started falling at the same rate, but soon flew past it, they all land on the ground and Tet-6 wounded in the cable.

"I think have just enough existent for one day," Sonic panted, suddenly a load clunk came from above, the platform was crashing down towards them.

"Shield!" Tet-6 yelled in to his wrist, a green flash of light blinded Sonic and Blaze as the platform crashed on top of them, but, when they both opened there eyes, they found themself in a green dome "shield down,"

"Thanks for the save, Tet-6," Sonic pated his shoulder.

"What else can that suit do?" Blaze asked.

"A lot more, you will see in due time,"

"You got what you needed?"

"Got it," Tet-6 pointed to a steel box on his back.

"See ya Shadow," Amy called, as he rowed his bike out of the hanger, Sonic, Blaze and Tet-6 jumped out the way as he roared past.

"Watch it you idiot," Shadow then raced his fist in the air, with the middle finger up "nice Shadow,"

"Were is he going? And what's with the black and red race suit?" Tet-6 asked.

"He doesn't all wear that, he usually wears this black lever jacket, blood red shirt and black jean," Blaze answered.

"Right, lone wolf cine of guy,"

"Very, come on, you haven't met everyone else yet," Sonic lead the way in, but when Amy saw Tet-6 walk in, she grabbed her pecko-pecko hammer, charged at him, but, as she sang it at him, he grabbed it, took it out of her hands and throw it on the couch.

"Ok, not what I expected for a 'hello', but none less, you met Amy,"

Tet-6 put his to his chest and bowed to her "nice to meet you,"

"That's, Knuckles..." Knuckles was sit on the couch, with an ice-pack on his head, the water was dripping from the pack, down his black shirt and down the side on his blue trousers "...Rouge..." she was sitting next to his in a medium pink fevered coat, white shirt and dark purple jeans "...Tails..." Tails gave Tet-6 a two finger salute "...Cream and Cheese..." she was sitting on the other side of the pit in a rose red coat, bright yellow shirt and skirt with jeans underneath "... that's every one, except Shadow, Amy do we happen to have a spear room?"

"Don't worry, I bort my own, ok spear space, ah, right there, hold still Sonic," Tet-6 turned to face Sonic, he then clicked his helmet back on, he pressed two finger on the side of his head and two blue breams, from the outer side of his eyes, laid a net over Sonic.

"What was the point of that?"

"Well, The Nightrest 17 allows me to scan and use anyone else's power for 90 seconds, so if you will excuse me, have about 60 second left," he grabbed the steel box off his back and changed, at same speed Sonic would, run up the side of the hanger, then grabbed on to the window sill "magnetize," the box started humming and stuck on to the side of the wall, he then lunch his grappling hook at the roof trusses, swang and landed right in front of Amy "unpack," the box then started to transform in to a two story home "right, I'm going to grab 30 wicks," he walked over to the house and climbed the ladder.

"He's cine of...arr...strange?" Amy said, sitting down next to Cream.

"You should have seen him in the tower, he was even stranger then," Blaze snicked, throwing another log on the fire.

"You're not..." he was cut off by a thunder roar outside the "great, I'll close the door," Sonic ran, slammed the door close and slid the 5 bots shut "that should do it," suddenly there was a load knock at the door "what was that?" the knocking started to repeat over and over.