It was a strict 12pm. Sonic and Amy were having a raw. “Sonic! Listen to me, you ha-” Amy began “No, I won’t! I refuse!” Sonic said sharply “Please… please…” “Go ahead, but be quick” He snapped at her “Your making the wrong choice… your probably thinking I’m saying this to break you up, or make you late. But I’m not. All I’m saying is that you and Sally… well, I think you can do so much better.” “What makes your so sure? You listened to that girlfriend song?” “No.” “Well?” “Just go… your be late” Amy left and started to cry. “I only bruise easily.” were the last words Sonic heard.

“Sorry I’m late” Sonic said “Sonic… what happened?” Sally whispered “Nothing… its nothing!” “Lets begin. Do you Sally Acorn, Take Sonic The Hedgehog to be you lawfully wedded husband and to cherish him forever?” The vicar said “I do” “And do you Sonic The Hedgehog, take Sally to be your lawfully wedded wife and to cherish her for ever?” “I… I don’t” He said “What?!” Everyone said “I gotta go” He said and he ran out

Amy was sitting in the park. Everywhere was couples, she was about to get up and go when she heard a voice. “Amy!” ??? said “What?” Amy asked “I’m sorry. I thought about what you said and your right. Your more my style, she… well, she’s too perfect and too classy.” Sonic said “Really?” “Really!” “Prove it!” Amy said “Ok… I will. I love you” “Not enough” “Is this?” He pulled her in and kissed her. She was shocked, he was blushing, she could tell. They broke apart “Well?” He said “Your… blushing!” “No I’m not” “Haha!” She tickled him

“Can we goto the beach?” She said embarrassed “Why?” “Because…” “Sure then” They went to the beach and Amy started tickling him more and pushing him into the sea. The waves lapped over their bodies as they fell down. The sun began to set and the last of it shone towards them, lighting up their faces, giving them a truly romantic look. They kissed in the sunlight as the sun slowly drifted down and the moon and stars appeared and made it a even more magical moment.