Hi my name is Maria. Maria the fox. I'm a vampire and here's my story.

One deadful night sonic was walking through the woods. then he saw a sign that said beware of the vampries And I'm geussing you know what hes gonna do well I'm going to tell you anyway. He said "yup vampires this means fun and mistery" so He ran deeper into the woods. Sonic heard a crack and a shake so he ran behind the tree and shivered like if he was scared to death. He peeked a bit just so he can see what was there. And there he saw A dark purple fox with light purple wings. It was hard to see her hair because it was black like the sky. white gloves with a shade of black. Gray eye and had a Evil look. She saw sonic and made a frown and walked to him. What will she do to him/ will she kill him? find out next time