Hello, its me, Amanda and I am here to tell you a true story.

I was on my computer typing a message to my friends, soon enough I got tired and started to take a nap. When I woke up I saw that a friend had left me a message, it says: "Hello! I hope you recieve this message...I went on the internet and typed in a game called Sonic R and it looks really nice...I think I'll buy it." So I went on the internet and searched the game Sonic R. watched a couple videos and tryed not to recieve any spoilers. in my opinion it DOES look like a pretty good game... So I waited for my friend to buy the game. 7 hours later I recieved a message from that same friend. "Hey!! I just bought the game!! it's awesome! you should try it!" after reading the message, I ran to my friends house. I knocked on the door and waited someone to awnser. My friend awnsered. "Hi Amanda! wanna play Sonic R?" I agreed to my friend, and rushed into the house to play the game. My friend booted the game up on his PC and the title of Sonic R showed up. "lets play and unlock characters in this game!" shouted my friend. Yet I agree again. 8 Hours of game play and one comepleted game of Sonic R, 100%. "Wha-hoo!!! We completed the game and unlocked all of the characters!!" We went into Tag 4 characters menu. All of a sudden I felt very something's telling me to stop my friend from playing...Did I choose to follow this feeling? No. I watched my friend choosed the Tails Doll as a character, the game started. I felt like I want to run...but why did I felt like this?...very strange...Strange indeed..My friend tagged 3 characters...Super sonic last..He went for Super Sonic to tag him. As he got close to Super Sonic, I screamed, "DO NOT TAG SUPER SONIC!!!" He fell out of his chair startled, "Hey, what was that for??" he yelled. "I almosted caught him!" Good grief...I thought..Then I glanced at the computer screen, and what I saw scarred me for life. All tagged characters. Even Super Sonic. The computer screen went black. Tails doll floated out of the monitor. I froze. I couldnt move. Not even my finger moved. as the Tails doll floated around me, gazing with those dead eyes. The last 5 words I heard in my life, were "Can you feel the Sunshine?