Amy: Hi Cosmo! Cosmo:....hi...... Amy: Is there something wrong? Cosmo: Well it's Tails.....He's doing strange and Cream comes everytime closer... Amy: Cosmo....I don't think Cream is about to steal Tails from you, she's a nice girl... Cosmo: That's because she's your best friend... Amy: Hey, your also my best friend, I have more best friends *; )* Cosmo: *:D* lolz! Amy: Let's go to him!! Cosmo: ok...

At Tails' workshop........ Amy: Hi Tails....!!!!!! Tails and Cream were kissing Cosmo: OMG Tails!!! *start tearing* Tails: Cosmo!!! It's not what it looks like!!!! Cosmo: It is!!! Your cheating on me!!!!*runs crying off* Amy: Cosmo wait!!! Look what you have done!! she's more upset than this morning!! *runs after Cosmo* Tails: Cosmo....... Cream: *sweet voice* Where were we Tailsie? Tails: COSMO!!! *runs off and searching for Cosmo* Cream: Tails!!! Don't leave me!!! *runs after him*

By Sonic...... Sonic: A sunny day....great breeze...and relax..... Than he hears crying... Sonic looks up and see Cosmo run crying Sonic: ??????? 3 mintes later he saw Amy... Amy: Shit, I don't see her! Sonic: Also hello... Amy: *shriek**turns around and saw Sonic* O....Hi!*sweet smile* Sonic: You look tense, sit down for awhile, Amy: No time!! I have to search for Cosmo!! Sonic: What exactly happened?? And don't you dare to run off. Amy: DIY..... Sonic drew her hard next to him. Amy: Aww!! My arm!! Sonic: Sorry.....Just tell me ok? Amy: Fine... Sonic: Cranky?? Amy: Hmmmp!

Amy tells Sonic the whole story

Amy: And that was it *stands up**swing her arm* Aw! Sonic: Are you ok? Amy: My arm does still hurt! Sonic: I think your arm strained. Amy: *mad* Great...Just great.....Thank you Sonic!! Sonic: I'm sorry Ames.. Amy: Leave me alone... Sonic: What's wrong with you!! Amy: Just ignore me like always!!! Sonic: What?? Amy: You heard me!! IGNORE ME LIKE ALWAYS!!!*tries to walk away but Sonic pulled her closer* Amy: Let me go!! Sonic: No.....You want to know why??? Amy: Yes plz! Sonic: BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!!! Amy: What? Sonic: I love you with all my heart! *kiss her on the lips* After 1 minute Amy: *still mad* Since when?? When it was out with Sally *start tearing* Sonic: I always did, but I never realise!! Amy: S-Son-nikk-ku...*Starts crying* Oh Sonikku!! Sonic Hugged her tight And then they start kissing for 4 minutes

By Cosmo.... Cosmo: Tails....Why??* cries again* Tails: *screams* Cosmo!!! LET ME EXPLAIN!! Cosmo: Leave me alone!!! Tails: NO I LOVE YOU COSMO!!! I'LL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN!! Cosmo: Why did you kissed Cream...?*still tearing* Tails: I didn't kissed her! she kissed me!! Cosmo: Can I trust you with this answer? Tails: Yes.. Comso: Ok I´ll believe you *kiss him* Tails blushed but then...

Cream: Tailsie there you are!!! Tails: Cream, I'm sorry but I don't love you, my heart belong to Cosmo. Cream: Tails you're mean!!! I didn't even got a chance!! I HATE YOU!!*run crying off* Tails: Cream..... Cosmo: You gave up your friendship with her for me......why? Tails: Because I love you and I only love her as a friend, not as someone I love..... Cosmo: Tails.... *cries and hug him tight*

After hugging and kissing they saw Amy and Sonic together. Sonic: Hey little bro, how's it going???? Tails: We made it up!!! *kiss Cosmo* Sonic: Well that's great *smile* Cosmo: What happened with your arm Amy?? Tails: Yeah. Amy: My is arm strained.. Sonic: I drew her hard next to me..... Amy: That's ok *smile* Sonic: Tnx Sweety. *kiss her on the lips* Tails: Since when are you 2 a couple? Sonic: Since today, Am I right Ames?? Amy: Yeah Sonikku. They couples kissed and had a very nice day!!

The End