One night, I stayed at a hotel while on a trip for vacation. I brought Sonic R with me so I didn't get too bored. I played until midnight, then laid down on my bed. I couldn't get "Livin' in the City" outta my head! It was creepy. I closed my eyes, hoping it would go away, but the sound kept getting louder, and louder, until I opened my eyes, and realised room was silent. "I played too much Sonic R", I said to myself. I got up to do something, so maybe I'll be more tired when I go back to bed. I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, since I had forgotten to earlier. Being in an unfamiliar hotel, I stumbled around, looking for the light switch. I never found it, but I noted a red glow in the mirror. I came closer behind me, so I turned to look at it, but it was gone! I foud this odd, so I turned back again to look into the mirror, hoping to see that red light, and behold, there he was...! Tails Doll. He stared at me with his cold, dead eyes. He moved closer to me as I backed off, but then I heard a creepy voice say, "I will eat your liver!", so I decided to run! As I ran, I hit my head on something, which knocked me out. It may have been Tails Doll's doing. Who knows. When I awoke, everly in the morning, it was a cloudy, windy day. My windows were open, curtains torn, and Sonic R was turned on with Tails Doll demos playing! "Tails Doll" was written in blood all across the room. I opened my cellphone to see what time of the morning it was, (and to call the cops) and all I could see was a Tails Doll screen saver. I couldn't get it off! So, I got up, cautiously walked near the bed to pick up my things as I left. I was missing my Sonic R game case. "Oh well", I said as I stuffed my belongings into my backpack and headed out the door. When I reached the lobby, where I was going to exit, I noticed a worker sleeping on the job at the front desk. I didn't want him to get in trouble, so I tried waking him up. Soon, I realised he had choked and died. The Sonic R game case was lodged in his throat! I turned and ran out of the hotel door, and went home instead of vacation that year. When I got home and checked my e-mails, I had 500 emails from "", but that's another story.