aquatic mine-station square-time: 5:00am

as julie-su continued her search for the master emerald shards she came upon an adbandon mineshaft under station square she began to look around for the shards only to noticed a couple of gun's sentry robots down their along with her along with seeing the lower levels of the mine knee deep in water.

"looks like i'll be swimming for the shards" julie-su thought as she walked towards the water the snuck the mine. after putting on her air breather equitment she quickly jumped in avoiding any detection buy gun's robots. once she reached the first of the three levels she quickly saw a massive glowing green object and swam towards it.

once she got near it she picked it up and noticed it was one of the shards she was searching for and placed it away for the other two she needed to find. as she jumped into the water once more she swam to the deepest part of the mines she noticed a small hole opening in which she swam near it. once she was near it a strong current of water began to suck her in. julie-su tried to swim free but it was too late the current caught her and shifted her to an old anbandon cavern in which she sensed and saw the master emerald pieces she was searching for.

"now to grab the emeralds and get out of these creppy place" julie su spoke as she got out of the water and headed for the shards.

but before she could a loud roaring sound echo throughout the mines "what was that" she thought as she reached for the emeralds but before she could a ghost appeared before her trying to bite her hand. but before it did she quicly moved it out of the way and punched straight at it only to hit the air in doing so. "what the'" she gasped in surprised as she began to look around for it only to be surprised by more appearing from the shadows.

when the ghosts started lunging at her from all sides julie su began dodging them all with her agility only to be struck from behind by a ghosts's fireball. after being hit the echindian princess turned and faced her enemies as they swirled together to become one huge ghost king boom boo.

"what the, now ur bigger than before" she commented as the huge ghost lunged at her julie-su quickly dodged and tried to counter with a right kick only to see the ghost disappear again.

"damn it, where is it now"she thought as she beagn to look once more, but this time the ghost was above her and shot a huge fireball at her. but julie saw this and jumped out of the way to avoid getting hit.

"how do i get rid of this thing" she thought as she began panting for air until a gun sentry with a massive headlight appeared looking around the area until that very light hit the ghost causing it to scream in pain and flee in the shadows.

"thats it, the light its weak against light" she stated as she began to look for the ghost once more when the gun sentry began to leave julie-su quickly grabbed it and flashed its light towards the shards to illuminate the entire cove, giving her enough time to grab the shards. but before she could the king of ghosts appeared once more but julie-su was prepared. as she flashed the light in front of the ghost and gave it a quickly but hard jaw punch king boom boo was no more and she fled the mines with her shards.

"finally no more ghosts"