Today feels weird, not weird in the sense that one of eggman’s robots was going to jump out and disturb me kind of weird, but weird in the sense that it hasn’t happened in exactly two years since the incident. Hell I’m sonic the hedgehog I’m not supposed to be on edge like this, I’m the cool dude who saves the day and loves adventure! So why the hell am I so edgy? I mean looking around me everything is cool

The grass was greener then ever, the birds and flicky’s were singing lightly in the trees, there was no sign of danger, you could hear the gentle hum of the cars on route 404, people were finally smiling and walking in the park without a glint of fright in their eyes feeling that at any moment eggman’s robots or worse, eggman in his egg carrier or stupid invention would appear. Sonic was lying across a bench, his trusty shades on looking up into the sky in his lazy but lightning way. His red soap shoes were glistening slightly, he must have just run through a puddle or right across water knowing him. Since the incident on the space station he had been very distant, feeling responsible for shadow’s death. He still kept the little shard of fake emerald he found left in the military base where shadow had been left in hibernation, he had beaten out the location from eggman, he had been furious and aggressive when he found eggman after the space station incident, tails and knuckles are still edgy of him after seeing him so ruthlessly beat up eggman. Why? Why was he like that? Shadow had been an enemy to him right up until that last minute. He was always hiding behind some aura of carelessness and suave coolness. Tails knew him better, he knew how soft he was underneath that, but even he was scared to say anything about his behaviour during those few moments.

Still those moments are almost forgotten, sonic always lives in the now. He was just lying there, thinking about things, shadow most definitely crossing his mind again. Wondering about the injustices eggman had caused, his constant lust for world domination, he wondered why eggman kept trying after sonic had whipped his ass so many times before, almost 20 years they had been doing this now, thing is, when you live in a universe like this, age really isn’t a problem for chaos mutated beings.

Why, why did he have to go? Why did he sacrifice himself like that? What crossed his mind? Was it Maria? This girl tails told me about? The one he was obsessed with? He loved a dead girl, that’s a lot on your plate shadow. Argh why shadow?! WHY?!

On the outside you wouldn’t have been able to guess what was going through Sonic’s mind, after all he was a hero, he had to keep up appearances didn’t he? He kept the little grin on his face, that look of contempt.

There was a flash of black that just ran past him.


What the hell? Is this for real? “Shadow?! How? HOW?!”

they were both frozen in time now. Inside the confines of Chaos Control

"how shadow? how are you alive?!"