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  • MTP97

    Sonic and DBZ 2

    April 26, 2013 by MTP97

    Well here we are again

    It's always quite a pleasure

    Even though this is now only twice

    Before I begin Part Two of this long past due blog post (Clock King would have murdered me ,one week ,one day 7hours, 36 minutes and 24/5/6 seconds ago) I would like to thank Myself123 and the Flag Meister for their comments regarding the blog, I appreciate the insight on Sonic from 123 and the positive feedback from Meister. So on with the list.


    To be honest I wasn't really sure how to approach Tails with this one as far as relations with the protagonist go he is Krillin, as far as power goes he seems to be closer to Gohan as he has actually defeated a few villians on his own, the same goes for intelligence as he is one of the smartest characters…

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  • MTP97

    Sonic and DBZ

    April 16, 2013 by MTP97

    Hello everyone of the interwebs I have come here today to take something many Dragonball fans will bring up about the Sonic series and that is many characters have similar personalities and backstories, and today just for the heck of it I've decided to try to make as many connections between the series as I can. If you can think of better character connections between the series let me know. Before I begin let it be known that I am likely going to split this into two or three parts. I am going to try to go from most obvious to least obvious.


    Both are the main characters of their franchise and both are thefirst within their series to achieve super forms. Both enjoy a challenge and care greatly for those around them. They also both…

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  • MTP97

    Ever since the announcement of the Sonic Advance collection on the DS systems many have asked if Sega is finally making Sonic Adventure 3. (Even though the question has been asked many times before) and I figured that I would give my thoughts on the subject.

    Yes, I do believe the game is coming out. But in all honesty I'm not sure I want it to. Now I know that that's a statement that is likely going to get me killed by the SNN community, but please just hear me out on this. It's been 11 years since Sonic Adventure 2 was released, so the hype for the game would be crazy, but I just feel that no matter how hard Sega would try on this game, it would end up being a major disappointment for 11 years worth of hype. Now this doesn't mean the game …

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  • MTP97


    Yeah, despite my last blog sucking like no blog has sucked before, I am writing another one. (writing,typing what's the difference on the internet) So I'm just going to make this one a bit less random and much more simple. I just figured I'd ask who your favorite sonic characters are, and what your favorite sonic game is. Mine is Tails (obviously) and my favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2. Now for a random reference.


    You know I don't think that reference is clear enough (WHAT!) So I'm also going to ask for you to guess what WHAT! is a reference to.

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  • MTP97

    I Can't Even Write a Blog

    September 1, 2012 by MTP97

    My previous blog ( which is no longer there) had no entry when I was trying to make an Animaniacs reference(Hello Nurse) for my title (says there's some technical bugs on my computer with this site), but hey, When life gives you lemons, you type a blog about it. Also I have a tendency to get off topic and make references no one else will get EVVVVAAAAHHHHHHH AGAAAIIIIIN! (Like that one) I juust hope this is a good thing and that it is not frowned upon here at SNN. Oh well, guess I'll find out.

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