Hello everyone of the interwebs I have come here today to take something many Dragonball fans will bring up about the Sonic series and that is many characters have similar personalities and backstories, and today just for the heck of it I've decided to try to make as many connections between the series as I can. If you can think of better character connections between the series let me know. Before I begin let it be known that I am likely going to split this into two or three parts. I am going to try to go from most obvious to least obvious.


Both are the main characters of their franchise and both are thefirst within their series to achieve super forms. Both enjoy a challenge and care greatly for those around them. They also both try to become the best they can be (Goku the strongest and Sonic the fastest) They also both enjoy eating and are known for their incredible appetites. Also Goku does not know what marriage is, which is at first the only reason he marries ChiChi (once he finds out he tries to run away), and sonic is against marriage with Amy altogether


Both begin by planning to destroy the Earth/Mobius, and defeat the best fighter the planet has to offer Goku/Sonic both later abandon the first goal and try to achieve the second through a respectable feud. Both reveal abilities to Goku/Sonic that Goku/Sonic is or were capable of (Vegeta had the Great Ape transformation and Shadow had Chaos Control) Both can also go Super.

Knuckles= Piccolo

Both were the first with similar abilities of the hero either hero fought, and both went on to become friends with the main hero both share a stubborn attitude and have even sacraficed themselves to save the world. Both have super forms and both believe themselves to be the last of tgheir species and both ar eproven incorrect (Knuckles in the Archies anyway) 


Both come from the future and return to the past to prevent the future from becoming a wasteland with little life. They can also both go super. And they seem to have similar personalities as a whole though there are less specific instances that can be compared between the two.


This was the one I had the hardest time deciding as I could not decide if Amy was more like Bulma or ChiChi.

Eventually I decided to split it down the middle as ChiChi loves goku and Bulma does not, however like Bulma,Amy often pursues bother men, however this is because she somehow believed them to be sonic neither Bulma or Amy seem to be good at avoiding traps but both have their heroic moments, and a determination to get their man whoever it may be, and finally a personality trait both Bulma and ChiChi share is their temper which is also shared with Amythis temper (most of the time come fully unleashed on a man who fails to please them, and each have their own methods of dealing with it, ChiChi will grab them by the ear, Amy will hit them with her hammer and Bulma....... well Bulma just keeps yelling at them.

Come back tomorrow for part 2 as I have done all I can do tonight.