Well here we are again

It's always quite a pleasure

Even though this is now only twice

Before I begin Part Two of this long past due blog post (Clock King would have murdered me ,one week ,one day 7hours, 36 minutes and 24/5/6 seconds ago) I would like to thank Myself123 and the Flag Meister for their comments regarding the blog, I appreciate the insight on Sonic from 123 and the positive feedback from Meister. So on with the list.


To be honest I wasn't really sure how to approach Tails with this one as far as relations with the protagonist go he is Krillin, as far as power goes he seems to be closer to Gohan as he has actually defeated a few villians on his own, the same goes for intelligence as he is one of the smartest characters in the series ( don't know his IQ so I can't say that he is equal with Eggman) Both greatly look up to the protagonist, both can go super, and though it may not really count for much they can both fly.  (Wow my comparisons are already hitting Rock Bottom) However, this another one of those matches where the comparisons end there at similar personalities, but not much to Gohan beyond that (Oh yeah I'm resorting to name puns)


In all honesty this could have been Oolong as Yamcha and Oolong share similar personalities but only one thing made pick Yamcha instead of doing another split. (You'll see later) Vector loves money seemingly as much as Yamcha loves women (at least after Dragonball) They both have confidence up the wazoo (long live wazoo) and they both are plenty willing to show off their skills untill their skills aren't enough. However when push comes to shove they will do what they can to buy their friends as much time as possible. Oh yeah and the reason I picked Yamcha instead of Oolong is...................

Charmy Bee=Puor

This one in all honesty just makes a ridiculous amount of sense. As Puor supports Yamcha the way Charmy Bee is all over supporting Vector. (Cheer Leader YEAH!!!!) They are both capable of chasing enemies to no end (Puor's got transformation and Charmy has got the stinger Eggman will never forget. They also both seem to take after their idols with their personalities. P.S they can fly. (Oh there's also one other tiny reason I put Yamcha above Oolong)


Meet the DBZ Chaotix if well um........Puor was Chiatzou ( it was a close call only reason was because of who they looked up to) but that's besides the point Tien is the ying to Yamchas yang with his serious nature,  very similar to Espio with his ninja abilities and Stealth tactics while Vector breaks down walls and makes sure the enemy knows they fell to the Chaotix and both serve as the voice of reason in their respective groups, and both tend to be ignored by Vector/Yamcha. (Also that third painted eye just reminds me of Espios horn for some reason) The fact they're at the same place on the head is probably it. Feel free to ignore the last one

Anyway I've got at least two more left in my head so feel free to let me know if you want to see them In a part 3 ( I'll probably think of at least two more while I'm waiting.)