Ever since the announcement of the Sonic Advance collection on the DS systems many have asked if Sega is finally making Sonic Adventure 3. (Even though the question has been asked many times before) and I figured that I would give my thoughts on the subject.

Yes, I do believe the game is coming out. But in all honesty I'm not sure I want it to. Now I know that that's a statement that is likely going to get me killed by the SNN community, but please just hear me out on this. It's been 11 years since Sonic Adventure 2 was released, so the hype for the game would be crazy, but I just feel that no matter how hard Sega would try on this game, it would end up being a major disappointment for 11 years worth of hype. Now this doesn't mean the game would be bad, but un less Sega could produce a game that blows everything they've ever done out of the water after 11 years of hype and anticipation quite a few of us are going to be playing the game greatly disappointed.

There's another reason why it might not be the best idea to release Sonic Adventure 3. Two games have been released that were originally going to be called Sonic Adventure 3 (06 and Unleashed) Now the first received mostly negative reviews, and the second is always looked on as somewhere in the middle due to the Werehog. I think in all honesty if the plan to call either of these games Sonic Adventure 3 were carried out the legacy of these amazing games would be at least somewhat soiled in the eyes of many Sonic fans.

Now I may be wrong here, and the game (if it comes out) may just blow all the other games out of the water and if so the game can look me in the eye and say "Yippy Kay Yay Mother @#&*er,"

What do you guys think?