Sonamy marrage

thanks to sonicgirl19 on fanpop!

Here is how we can all settle this! ok hear me out... Sonic was created as a free-running, fast as can be, cool running machine! This was why Sonic was created in the beginning. Sonic needed some drama, hey how about a girl in his life? Amy well let’s make her sweet, kinda tough with anger issues and loves Sonic! Ok, cool here is Amy. Well Amy is cool and all, but Sonic should date a princess. Ok, how about in Sonic CD Amy IS Princess Sally. Scratch the girlfriend, how about a sister? Ok cool, she should be over protective, smart and hates her siblings and loves them, ok cool Sonia. Sonia isn't working; ok Amy is back, in the games. Sally can have him in the show and comics. Sally is ok but Sonic needs drama still! Ok put Amy in the shows and comics, but scratch Sally in the new show. Ok; Sonic X. Screw Amy and Sally, a human can take Sonic! Can't she? Boom, Elise! Well fans hate her so let’s make it so that never happened. Ya know what! Sonic doesn't need a girl! All he needs are his running shoes and a lot of places to go to and he's happy! Sonic wants to live life how he wants it. Maybe someone someday will show him true love, but I'm not sure if Amy (at her age) is done growing up. Sally might not be the one either, but whoever Sonic wants to fall in love with LET HIM! we all date the wrong people, so let Sonic date Sally, know she isn't the one. Date Amy, still not the one. Who knows! there might be another girl for Sonic! people! Quit the fighting! this is a video game character we are fighting about, let the writers be match makers not YOU! (NO hard feeling... k?) Let Sonic live his life and then settle down!

Sorry for my latness! (and spellin!) I was sick all week so this is what I threw together when I read someone was fighting over who Sonic should date! Remember children, eating vegtables makes you strong, consuming souls of aliens from Sonic Colors gives you super speed! (Consuming alien souls part from video on youtube!) so stay healthy, save your rings and I will blog again (unless my teachers hate me and overload homework) on Monday! Not Thursday...

Makotoviva 05:18, November 11, 2011 (UTC) Any questions? you know who to ask