Stuff like, how does all the Sonic series and the games connect? Here is how I made everything make sense! Remember this is a really bias thing about this! Accuracy is often but not always! This is a good thing for new Sonic fans! You can catch up on history with my fun little story! Yay!

Ok, Sonic and his siblings; Manic and Sonia (don’t know who they are! Watch the Sonic Underground) ARE the true royalty of Mobius, Sonic’s home planet. Dr. Ivio Robotnik, now known as the evil Dr. Eggman, took over Mobius. Queen Aleena had to separate her children so that Dr. Robotnik would not harm them, and the prophecy would be fulfilled! (Seriously people! Come on do I have to fill you in on this detail to? Just watch the first 2 episodes of Sonic underground! OK?) As the three children grew up, and tried to save Mobius, Sally Acorn had come across a power no person should have. She found her father’s machine blue prints to make a machine to brain wash a person, and replace their memory with something else.

With this new found power, Sally finally got Sonic and majority of Mobius to somehow have this happen. Her and her father’s dream was to someday rule over Mobius. Now, you must understand, her father was one of Aleena’s good friends. He always wanted to betray her, and rule Mobius! Unfortunately, she did not get a couple freedom fighters! Manic and Sonia were fine. As well as a couple others (but the others would make sense if my made up character existed!).

They finally got their freedom; Dr. Robotnik changed his name to Dr. Eggman. We know for sure his real name is Robotnik because in both Sonic X and Sonic Adventure Battle he says his grandpa Dr. Gerald Robotnik was in charge of the Space Colony ARK. For years now, Manic and Sonia have tried to find Sonic and tell him the truth. They were the closest when Dr. Eggman shot off Chaos control and sent everyone, but Manic, Sonia and a whole bunch of other Mobians to Earth.

Any questions?

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