Yay! Who is exited for another one of my blogs? This week is on the similarities (not differences because there's a lot of those) between Star Wars (more specificly the movies with Luke, Lea and Han Solo in it) and Sonic Underground!

Has anyone noticed a resemblance between Sonic and Sonia’s fake family thing and Luke and Lea’s family thing going on? In Sonic Underground Sonic, Manic and Sonia must be separated at birth so that Dr. Robotnik doesn’t find them and destroy the prophecy! In Star Wars Luke and Princess Lea must be separated so Darth Vader wouldn’t use them to rule the galaxy. Sonic was taken to a family friend (I think that’s who he is… I don’t really know who those people are), and was very good friends with his uncle. Luke was taken to his aunt and uncle, and they raised him. Lea was taken to some royalty Richie type people, I don’t really know because they seem like very unimportant people in the movie. Sonia was taken to some rich aristocrats and they raised her all proper. Both Sonia and Lea have this prissy attitude and can kick A when they want to. Sonic and Luke are nice, moderately full of themselves. Manic on the other hand is just like Han Solo, with the BA and thief-ness. Over time Manic is a pilot like Han Solo was. May be just me, but there is many connections between all 6 of these characters. Also, in Sonic Underground they kingdom was taken over by a great evil and they are part of a resistance. Star Wars the Republic was taken over by a great evil and they are part of a resistance. Coincidence, I think there might have bin some story writers for Sonic Underground that are Star Wars fans. Just a guess. Well, I would love to hear your view on this! Please comment =D

Well, I am going to try and blog once a week on varies topics, like this weeks. If you have ideas for blogs, email me at! Stuff like my personal reviews on new or old Sonic games, TV shows ect.

And remember to eat lots of candy, stay in school children and tacos really are amazing! Almost forgot to say: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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