I was having a conversation with an internet buddy of mine over YouTube. We were talking about who would be Sonic’s modern era singing voice. This got me thinking of who would be other Sonic character singing voices, like Tails, Amy, Knuckles ect. So doing some research I found some voices I think would fit each character. Please laugh at some of them (because the y are infact funny) and comment!

Sonic- Zac Effron, this is one I know you are laughing at right now

Tails- Pierre Bouvier, at first I wasn’t so sure but “I’m Just A Kid” single really won me over for Tails

Knuckles- Tobymac, I though of him because when I think Knuckles I think good white rapper, and that is what Tobymac is

Amy- Ashley Tisdale, this was a tough one but after thinking long and hard I thought Disney is Amy.

Cream- Amy Castle, I was thinking cute and sweet and who else is cute and sweet? What? To young? The cuppycake song really made me think of Cream!

Shadow- Trevor McNavin, oh come on! Thousand Foot Krutch is totally up Shadow’s alley!

Dr. Ivio Robotnik (AKA Eggman) – Gary Broslma, talk about hard! I had to find a person that sounds like a fat man! But he was just perfect! =D watch numa numa or new numa! Sooo funny!

Cosmo-Carry Underwood, I don’t know, I was thinking that she might be an INCREADIBLE singer. And… MUST HAVE MY SONIC X CHARACTER!!! O.o lol!

My personal character- Tricia Baumhardt oh come on! Why can’t I just say my character! I love Superchick so I picked the lead from Superchick! Calm down people!

Thanks for reading! Happy really late Thanksgiving! Hope that turkey was yummy! What do you think of who I picked? Comment! I would love to see who you picked! Want me to think of another character? Just ask me! Have an idea I just HAVE to blog about, email me at

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