Why do people hate Cosmo the Seedrian? Yes, this is a question. Some people say, "Well, she liked Tails." Ok, yes it is shown in the Season 3 of Sonic X that Tails and Cosmo have fealings for each other. I mean for crying out loud poeple! As I have said in the past, Cream is just a little girl so if she does like Tails it's only because she admires him. I mean, don't you say your friends are smart or funny or even say they are really nice. Cream is the type of person who admires her friends, she may come off as "likes" Tails or Sonic but she is just super sweet. plus I don't think her mom would like her dating.

Back to my main point, why should we hate someone for no good reason. She didn't do anyhting personally to us, she died anywho (which made me cry cuz she is my fav character) so if oyu are a Cosmo hater, please answer this question after reading all this. Remeber, Cream is just a nice little girl!

Makotoviva 22:24, October 23, 2011 (UTC) Any questoins? you know who to ask