• Mariosonic15

    Leaving the wiki

    July 18, 2015 by Mariosonic15

    After a while of thought, I've decided to leave the wiki. My reasons for doing this are because I want to focus on personal projects and improving on my art, as well as the fact that I pretty much do nothing on here, as I don't edit and only talk on chat once in a blue moon, and when I'm on chat most of the time it's in the background.

    I'll still keep in contact with close friends via Skype tho, and maybe one day I'll come back, but until then, so long.

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  • Mariosonic15

    3 years (and 11 days)...

    September 28, 2014 by Mariosonic15

    ...Since I made an account on here.

    (Feel free to play this while reading this: )

    Gotta admit, it's been a great 3 years (and 11 days) for me, as I've made friends on here that I hope to be friends with for a long time and got promoted to Chat mod and Roll back (even though I don't edit on here anymore :P)

    Since this is the first blog of it's kind I made on here, I might as well talk about some IRL things and plans for the future.

    As of now, I'm currently a senior about to graduate this year. Because of this, I wanna start honing my skills for my (hopefully) future career: Game design. Because of this I'll be spending most of my free time working on improving my art and using RPG Maker VX Ace to makeā€¦

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  • Mariosonic15

    Just found this video on youtube.

    The game's looking pretty good so far.

    EDIT: Added the full main theme

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  • Mariosonic15

    Just thought I'd share this with you guys:

    Cutscene starts around 00:50 mark. Same as the japanese cutscene released earlier but a bit extended.

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  • Mariosonic15

    Happy Holidays SNN! :D

    December 25, 2012 by Mariosonic15

    Merry Christmas guys! I hope you guys are having an awesome christmas!

    So, anyway I got some awesome gifts:

    1. A Sonic shirt
    2. A Sonic poster
    3. Mario and Luigi slippers
    4. $50 to spend on amazon (I got a PS2 and Kingdom Hearts 2)

    I also made a drawing of Sonic and my FC:

    So, how was your Christmas and what did you guys get?

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