• Matteso586

    Worlds Unite Predictions

    December 17, 2014 by Matteso586

    I thought we should make some predictions about what would happen in Worlds Unite. Here are some of mine.

    Several characters will be confused and possibly annoyed with the Boom characters' 4th wall breaking.

    • Boom Sonic: I don't know about you, but shoes turning into cleats doesn't make any sense. (To the reader) Am I right folks?

    Mobius Prime Tails (whispering to Mobius Prime Sonic): Who is he talking to?

    • Sigma: I will rid this world of filthy organic life forms too.

    Boom Sonic (pops out from the side of a panel, towards the reader): That's not true actually. We shower regularly. (Everyone present looks confused, then continue fighting)

    They might have trouble telling which of them is which. For obvious reasons.

    At least one of the Mobius Prime c…

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  • Matteso586

    Not to long ago, tssznews brought up a heavy possibility of Shadow the Hedgehog appearing in the upcoming Sonic Boom TV series. Don't believe me, click on the link.

    Their probably going to make Shadow the only story arc in the first season (if the show is renewed for a 2nd season). Like how Terra is so far the only story arc on Teen Titans Go. And since it said Shadow will receive "minimal" changes to his personality and appearance. Here's what I think these changes would be.

    • Bandages wrapped around his arms, and only his arms.
    • Doesn't use weapons (especially firearms) to battle anyone that gets in his way.
    • Might face palm if he is witnessing t…
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