I thought we should make some predictions about what would happen in Worlds Unite. Here are some of mine.

4th Wall Confusion

Several characters will be confused and possibly annoyed with the Boom characters' 4th wall breaking.

  • Boom Sonic: I don't know about you, but shoes turning into cleats doesn't make any sense. (To the reader) Am I right folks?

Mobius Prime Tails (whispering to Mobius Prime Sonic): Who is he talking to?

  • Sigma: I will rid this world of filthy organic life forms too.

Boom Sonic (pops out from the side of a panel, towards the reader): That's not true actually. We shower regularly. (Everyone present looks confused, then continue fighting)

Orbots & Cubots

They might have trouble telling which of them is which. For obvious reasons.

Bandages-Sports Tape

At least one of the Mobius Prime characters could ask about the bandages on their Boom selves.

Mobius Prime Tails: What's with the bandages? Did you get heavily injured in the past? Mobius Prime Amy: And why is it around my (the other Amy) dress? Boom Amy: Its just sports tape. There's a difference.

Boom Eggman and Mobius Prime Eggman

They could have a similar encounter to the one Dr. Doofenshmirtz has with his 2nd Dimension self. I can imagine them singing the song I Found a Brand New Best Friend.

Lyric, Sigma and the Mavericks

If Lyric appears, he could use Sigma and the Mavericks help to eliminate all organic life.

X and Rock

Archie Megaman might ask X about what happened to his future self.

That's all I got.