I'm recovering from my self-inflicated aura blast(The one I did when I heard that the jerks from Sonic Colors are writting Sonic Generations). The current subject? What kind of game should SEGA make for 3DS. I read the Green Hill Travelers ideal about a new Sonic RPG game. I agree but I think that Sonic would do much better in an Action RPG then a plain ol' RPG. Why? Becouse Sonic can't wait for his turn in combat, and it just slows the game down to a drag. I have plenty of ideals for the game, and I will name a few here. Firstly, there should only be three characters in the field, and it should be made so you can't just pick the most powerfull three characters available(You onto me?). Each slot can only hold certain characters, Leaders, Assist, and support. This way, you can't have Sonic, Shadow, and Knuckles all at once(who would all be lead characters.) Assist characters would be more powerfull, but not as versitile or fast as leaders. Amy would whollap things with her hammer, Fang would snipe off enemies from a distance, and E-123 could use powerfull explosive attacks. Finally, support characters, who would have little or no attacks of their own, but could provide plenty of helpfull moves. Tails would deploy sentry droids that would stay in one place and do things like heal team members, and defend crucial areas. Eggman could deploy a small army of Eggpawns, and rouge could sneak past sensors and deploy bombs. Also, the system of buying things should change a little. Cloths and stuff should give you special abilities, such as Light Speed shoes, which would give you the ability to dash along rings(Duh...). A Sonic game like this would be awsome, in my mind anyway.