Hey guys, after performing my famous disappearing act for several months, I've decided to return. If you know me, nice to see yah again. If you don't know me, FORGET I EVER WROTE THIS.

I figured I might as well put in my reasons for such a sudden leave, and that is I though I never could get 50 main page edits(Seemed to me like this entire wiki was allready complete, and I have no plans on purchasing any new Sonic games so...) However, after adding an entire section to Sonic Rush Adventure, I think I can actually make that 50 edit mark! Wish me luck.

And if you know any pages that need editing, be sure to tell me!

Okay, since these blogs seem a bit incomplete without an entirely absurd question, I just felt like asking: What do you think the best joke in any Sonic game(I said G-A-M-E) is?

Here's what I think!

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Hero 21 Spaceship01:20

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle Hero 21 Spaceship

The only thing in there was those master emerald shards!

Knuckles: I just spent half the game trying to collect those!!


Soo, what do you think is the best Sonic joke?(From the games)