Okay, so one of the most anticipated games of 2011 has just come out! Sonic Generations! Its so good infact, that even IGN had to bat an eye(That and take the extra chance to bash one of the best Sonic games, Sonic 06). Of course, I should say, that IGN forgot to point out its biggest flaw: Its story, which is close to none.

I'm feeling REALLY deprived here! I haven't had a good Sonic(official Sega) plotline since the release of Sonic Unleashed!(Which was good, but still dwarfed by the beforementioned Sonic 06.) Basicly, big ugly thing ruins Sonics birthday party. I miss the good old days of aliens invasions, shattered continents, ancient monsters, and the like. Does anyone else agree with me? Can we bring back the days of grade-A plots for Sonic?