I really love modding, although I have almost no experience doing so, I really enjoy mods anyway. So heres my idea, I wanted to make a mod for Supreme Commander that would implement the Sonic Universe, anybody with me here? This won't be popular, but I was going put it in the timeline of Shadow the Hedgehog(Mainly that way I can get three factions out of it: And don't worry this mod will be swearword free.) The three factions would be obvious: GUN, the Eggman Empire, and the BlackArms. Each faction would have three defualt heroes, and the ability to hire more. GUNs heroes would Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails.(Speed, Power, Support respectively). The Eggman Empires heroes would be Eggman, Metal Sonic, and Shadow(Support, Speed, and Speed.) And the BlackArms would be Black Doom, the Black Bull, and the Bio-Lizard clone(Support, Power, and Power.) GUN would be the allround faction with a focus on offense, Eggman would feature fast dispensible units that specialize in hit and run, and the Black Arms would mostly be defensive.(There would also be a new airfleet system.) Rings would be the primary resource, and each faction would have one super-hero that would be unlocked by collecting all the chaos emeralds. Its still in the very VERY early stages of production, but I'm sure I can make it by 2015 or 2016. As I have stated earlier, I am still in the very early process here, so if you have any ideas at all, they would be apreciated(Assuming they are good, that is.)